Olix Oil and Olix Pack are Sponsors of Vangelis Hatzis in a huge Boxing event in Miami, USA

Τετάρτη, 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2019


Olix Oil joins forces with its New York-based subsidiary, Olix Pack, to jointly sponsor the well-known Greek athlete Vangelis Hatzis - COBRA, in his grand fight in the World Boxing Competition, held in USA this December. He is the only known one-armed athlete to compete in such an event, taking place in Miami, USA, on December 13, as part of the Global Legion against the also popular American boxer, Michael Rycraft.

Vaggelis Chatzis, the world’s only one-armed boxer, is among three Greek fighters who will participate in a spectacular mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing event organized by Greek sports enthusiast Cosmas Livanos in Miami, Florida on December 13.

Over a dozen first-class MMA fighters and boxers will compete in the “Global Legion FC” in front of a sold-out arena at Miramar Armory. Chatzis had to have his right arm amputated because of a cancerous tumor when he was only three months of age. Against all odds, he grew up to become a professional boxer, in the ultimate true-life underdog story.
The Greek boxer will face American Michael pugilist Rycraft in what he describes as “the most important fight of my career until now.”

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