The Hellenic Equestrian Club honors OLIX OIL as its Grand Sponsor in the annual Celebrative Cake Ceremony!

giovedì 6 febbraio 2020

The Hellenic Equestrian Club successfully celebrated its annual Celebrative Cake Ceremony on the 6th of February 2020, held in its premises in Athens. This year coincided with the 79th anniversary of the foundation of EIO and on the occasion of the anniversary the Club honored the best athletes and key sponsors. The President of the EIO Club, Giorgos Spiliotopoulos, commemorated the event ofthe oldest Horse Riding Club in the history of Greece.

EIO awarded the 2019 protagonists and honored its official sponsors, and first among them its Grand Sponsor, OLIX OIL, for its support on the work of the Club and its athletes. the Managing Director of the Patras Factory, Konstantinos Karamaneas, received the award on behalf of Olix Oil, handed to him by the President of EIO, Giorgos Spiliotopoulos. The rest of the official sponsors were then awarded, including among them MERCEDES and COSMOTE.

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