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Our philosophy focuses on our utmost respect for the Greek land, therefore by processing industrial olive oils and crude olive oils, we turn the by-products of the olive oil production process into valuable marketable products, such as Olein and Exhausted Olive Cake, doing our best to preserve our natural environment.


Bulk Trade

Olix Oil Ltd is active in the trade in bulk of olive oil and olive pomace oil. It is actively engaged in both buying and selling all the above products and is a permanent buyer and seller of all grades of olive oil and the respective bi-products.


 Non Edible Oils and products

The company is active in the non-edible oil market and offers Lampante Virgin Olive Oil, Crude Kernel Olive Oil and Oleins of crude kernel olive oil.

The refinery plant in Patras treats bi- products of the olive oil extraction process and produces olive pomace oil and oleins.  

These oleins are used for producing laundry soap and are an important ingredient in making animal feed formulations, various resins, and biodiesel. 








Elaiourgikes Epixeiriseis Patron operate one of the largest and most up-to-date Pomace Extraction Plants in Greece and among the most advanced in Europe, while the majority of its new machinery was designed and built in Italy. Located in Patras, extracts Pomace Oil from kernels and stocks 5.000 T/M of it, per annum. We collaborate with the best olive oil mills all around the Prefecture of West Peloponnese, producing brute Pomace Olive Oil of the highest quality. We trade and export Pomace Oil  in Greece, Italy and Spain with key customers


  • Innovative, fully automated production process that assures low operating costs and full production control at every step.
  • Continuous operation, quality categorization at each step of all olives, two phase extraction, guaranteeing the highest quality of Pomace Oil
  • Ecological design, that uses solar tubes for internal lighting and two phase extraction process to minimize water consumption and environmental pollution.
  • All machines were designed by the E.E.P. team, are made of 100% stainless steel 316L and were manufactured in Italy in their totality.

From November – March


  • We process 1000 tons of olives’ kernel per day
  • We produce 5000 tons of crude pomace olive oil per year
  • We operate 24/7 from October to March
  • We produce up to 15.000 tons of kernel wood

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