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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the exclusive and protected area of the Vatopedi Monastery (Distributed by Olix Oil)

A unique Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, selected only from monastic olive groves, according to the cultivation practices of Vatopedi monastery. From hand-picked olives in the Natura protected area of Mount Athos with its unique, centuries-old unpolluted ecosystem

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   Olive Grove of Vatopedi Monastery

The tradition of the Monastery wants the monks to deal with olive oil, which is important in their daily life, in their worship and nutrition.

In the Monastery there is a modern certified olive mill, which is the continuation of the old stone olive mill, with the traditional water mill, and all the machinery that already existed.

The centuries-old olive grove, consists of 4000 roots, up to 800 years old.

There are many self-rooted olive trees, with thousands of wild olive roots, and unique varieties. There are also modern olive groves with another 4000 olive trees.

In the olive grove of the Monastery, modern innovative production processes are used, such as the composting of all the residues of the olive mill, since in the Monastery no chemical fertilizers are allowed.

The harvest of the olives is done with respect, and only by hand, since countless years before, with a lot of manual work.

Polyphenol levels are above the European Union average, and in combination with Vitamin E provide more protection against blood lipid oxidation.

Extra virgin olive oil is now recommended by modern medicine, thanks to its valuable ingredients that provide health, wellness and longevity. 

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