Hand-selected high quality green olives from the best Greek varieties. A truly special product that has been awarded internationally for its quality and taste!


This is the only variety of green olive that thrives in the mountainous areas of northern Greece, and in particular in Halkidiki, Kavala and Serres,and it is known worldwide for its size, color and wonderful taste. This olive variety is long in shape and the weight of the fruit is 5 - 11gr or more, with slicing ranging from 100 to 165 pieces per kilo. Our team collects the best olives of the country, processes and standardizes them with the most up-to-date methods and exports them around the world. Primarily aiming to meet the different needs of our customers, we combine this unique olive variety with exquisite ingredients of Greek nature, such as garlic, almonds, peppers and carrots, emphasizing the addictive acidity of the variety and enhancing the taste and flavor