Kalamon Olives


Widely grown all over the Mediterranean, these olives have been cultivated since biblical times. They are mainly black and green varietals, with many shades in-between. The difference in color reflects their maturity at harvest time. Green olives are harvested while still young In October or November. Black olives are picked In December when they are fully matured and ripe.

 The “Nychati Kalamon” or Kalamata is a great variety of table olives and the second most important table olive variety in Greece, grown mainly in Peloponnese -Messinia & Lakonia - and in central Greece. Variety is medium – sized with the weight of the fruit ranges from 3 to 6 g and its shape is elongated asymmetric with pointed apex but no nipple like the grape of variety “Aetonychi.” The skin of the fruit is thin and flexible and takes deep black color at full maturity, making it ideal variety to produce naturally black olives. Harvesting is done by hand at full maturity during November – December. After harvesting, the olives are transported to processing plants where they are sorted, sized and rinsed with water in order to remove impurities. Finally, they are immersed in brine with 8-10% of sea salt, where a weak spontaneous fermentation takes place by a mixed flora. The process is completed within 6-9 months. If the olives are not slit or split before processing, this can be done after processing before the final packaging.

After debittering, the olives are placed in a variety of containers: glass jars, containers of PET, plastic barrels and cans in a brine solution with sea salt, water, wine vinegar, and a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil on top.

The final product

Kalamata olives have a homogeneous but variable chocolate to dark brown – violet color. The olives are firm and crisp with a distinct fruity taste that is also salty, slightly bitter and wine – like. Ideal for salads and especially the Greek salad. They can be served on their own such as a meze – appetizer or used in many recipes.

Kalamata Olives whole - Glass jar

The Kalamata Olives variety is a very tasty table olive, worldwide appreciated, owing its fame to the excellent growing conditions.


Net WeighDrained weightpcs/boxboxes/pallet
300g 165g 12 104 136
300g 165g 6 180 234

*upon request we have the ability for different packages and product specifications.

KALAMON OLIVES in Plastic Barrel

1 Kalamata Olives (size: 141-160) 13 Kg Plastic Barrel
2 Kalamata Olives (size: 141-160) 5 Kg Plastic Barrel
3 Kalamata pitted Olives (size: 141-160) 10 Kg Plastic Barrel
4 Kalamata Olives (size: 161-180) 13 Kg Plastic Barrel
5 Kalamata Olives (size: 161-180) 5 Kg Plastic Barrel
6 Kalamata pitted Olives (size: 161-180) 10 Kg Plastic Barrel
7 Kalamata Olives (size: 181-200) 13 Kg Plastic Barrel
8 Kalamata Olives (size: 181-200) 5 Kg Plastic Barrel
9 Kalamata pitted Olives (size: 181-200) 10 Kg Plastic Barrel
10 Kalamata Olives (size: 201-230) 13 Kg Plastic Barrel
11 Kalamata Olives (size: 201-230) 5 Kg Plastic Barrel
12 Kalamata pitted Olives (size: 201-230) 10 Kg Plastic Barrel
13 Kalamata Olives(size: 231-260) 13 Kg Plastic Barrel
14 Kalamata Olives (size: 231-260) 5 Kg Plastic Barrel
15 Kalamata pitted Olives (size: 231-260) 10 Kg Plastic Barrel
16 Kalamata Olives (size: 261-290) 13 Kg Plastic Barre
17 Kalamata Olives (size: 261-290) 5 Kg Plastic Barrel
18 Kalamata pitted Olives (size: 261-290) 10 Kg Plastic Barrel
19 Kalamata Olives (size: 291-320) 13 Kg Plastic Barrel
20 Kalamata Olives (size: 291-320) 5 Kg Plastic Barrel
21 Kalamon Olives 3lt /2kg - Size: Jumbo
22 Kalamon Olives 3lt /2kg - Size: Large

Kalamata Olives Whole. Available in the following packages:

 Pet PackageMetal TinPlastic Barell
Drained weight 500gr 1kg 3kg 5kg 13kg 2kg 5kg 13kg
Net weight 780gr 1,61Kg 5,15kg 7,8kg 19kg 3,4kg 8,6kg 20,2kg
Gross weight 850gr 1,7kg 5,37Kg 8,3kg 20kg 3,5kg 9kg 21kg
Units/carton 6 6 4 1 1 6 2 1
Cartons / pallet row (EUR) 16 10 6 24 15 7 10 12
Rows/pallet (EUR) 11 7 4 3 3 5 4 3
Cartons/pallet 176 70 24 75 45 35 40 36

Kalamata Olives Sliced. Available in the following packages:

 Pet PackageMetal TinPlastic Barell
Drained weight 1LT 3LT 20LT 1.6LT 6LT 8LT 20LT
Net weight 5,15kg 500g 3,4kg 8,6kg 20,2kg    
Gross weight 5,37kg 575g 3,5kg 9kg 21kg    
Units/carton 4 12 6 2 1    
Cartons / pallet row (EUR) 6 10 7 10 12    
Rows/pallet (EUR) 4 12 5 4 3    
Cartons/pallet 24 120 35 40 36    

Kalamata Olives Pitted. Available in the following packages:

 Pet PackagePlastic Barell
Drained weight 400g 950g 3Kg 2Kg 5Kg 11Kg
Net weight 740g 1,61Kg 5,15kg 3,4kg 8,6kg 20,2Kg
Gross weight 810g 1,7Kg 5,37Kg 3,5Kg 9kg 21Kg
Units/carton 6 6 4 6 2 1
Cartons / pallet row (EUR) 16 10 6 7 10 12
Rows/pallet (EUR) 11 7 4 5 4 3
Cartons/pallet 176 70 24 35 40 36