A truly exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it has received the most distinctions and awards internationally from all our products and is a guarantee for its impeccable quality. .



Excellent hand-picked Koroneiki variety 

The variety of olives that we use in the production of our olive oil is called Koroneiki. The wonderful and rare taste and texture of the specific olives is the reason they are characterized as “queen” olives, enabling us to produce a very commendable final product. The harvest starts early when the olives are unripe, small and green. Unripe olives are the reason our oil is low in acidity, and at the same time rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. The high nutritional ingredients of our olive oil strengthen the immune system of our body and help us to function better.  The oil from Koroneiki olives, has a light spicy taste with a smooth finish and is slightly bitter.

The production starts a few hours from the time of the harvest, with cold extraction at low temperatures and with minimal use of water. This process results in lower quantity and higher costs, but higher quality, because the oil remains rich in nutrients, with superior organoleptic characteristics. In addition, the cold extraction enables the low acidity of the products, one of the most essential qualities of olive oil. Finally, with the use of the appropriate packaging, the acidity level remains very low throughout the lifetime of our olive oil.


The olive groves are located in the Peloponnese, a region where the olive is cultivated with the same dedication from antiquity to today, playing an important role in everyday life throughout the centuries.