The whole philosophy and the taste of the famed Mediterranean diet can all be appreciated in its symbol-fruit, the olive. According to ancient Greek tradition the first olive tree was planted by Athena on the Acropolis. Carrying on the centuries-old legacy and years of professional experience, our expert team, in collaboration with our network of specialized partners, have assembled for you some of the best olive varieties produced in the Greek land.  The Greek olives are famous all over the world and are considered to have the best quality worldwide.

Olix Oil offers the following types of olives in brine:


    • Kalamata olives whole: large with a purple tinge. They have a rich and fruity flavor and are considered to be the best quality olives In Greece.
    • Kalamata olives pitted
    • Kalamata olives sliced
    • Green olives whole: light bright green, they are slightly salty and subtly nutty: they come plain or stuffed.
    • Green olives pitted
    • Green olives sliced
    • Green olives stuffed with lemon
    • Green olives stuffed with garlic
    • Green olives stuffed with peppers
    • Green olives stuffed with almonds

Olives can be served with drinks, used to make tapenade, chopped as an addition to salads/pasta/stews, or used as a topping for pizza.

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Kalamon Olives olixoil.category.subtitle14

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Green Olives olixoil.category.subtitle15

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Green Cracked Olives IN OLIVE OIL & ROSEMARY

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Engraved Kalamon Olives IN OLIVE OIL & OREGANO

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