Organic Red Dry Wine - Product of organic farming
For many wine connoisseurs and consumers, cabernet sauvignon is the king of red varieties. It has already conquered almost all the wine producing countries of the world, while in Greece it has indeed a significant presence in the field of high quality wines. Cabernet sauvignon is a red variety that produces red wines known for their untamed character and their unique ageing potential.


Vatopedi Vineyard

The vineyards of our monastery currently occupy an area of 70 hectares.

The wine is part of the diet of the monks on festive days and is also offered to the thousands of pilgrims who visit the monastery every year.

The vineyards of the monastery are particularly favoured by the environmental conditions. The light, sandy, medium texture and potassium-rich soils, the bouquets of the aromas of the unique Athonite nature, are carried by the sea breeze discreetly to the vineyards on the adjacent offshore terraces, where, through a secret dialogue built on the over millennial history of the place, they give the unique characteristics of our wines. The vivid interaction between the sun and the vine, especially during the summer months, never seizes and thus it "raises" the alcoholic strength and phenolic maturity, which gives a unique quality production.

Faithful to this tradition, maintaining the old facilities but using modern methods, we vinify the grapes from the organic vineyards of the Monastery. Witness to the winemaking tradition are the two stone-built buildings, where the wines are prepared in the old vats (wine vats) and stored in the cellar of the monastery.

The wines are matured in large old wooden barrels.