Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are recognized internationally with 3 new Awards

lunedì 20 luglio 2020

TERRAOLIVO awards our products with 3 more new Quality Awards in Jesuralem



OLIX OILhas been awarded three Quality Awards in Jerusalem TERRAOLIVO IOOC 2020 International Competition, which is considered to be one of the 3 most important & influential competitions worldwide.

Jerusalem TERRAOLIVO IOOC 2020 International Competition results:

Aphea Manaki 🥇 Grand Prestige GOLD Award

Koroneiki 🥇 Prestige GOLD Award

Ladelia 🥇 Prestige GOLD Award

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 All of our EVOOs are pressed from Koroneiki and Manaki olives, two of the most precious Greek varieties, of top nutritional value, rich fruity flavor, with notes of citrus, flowers, herbs and tomato leaves, mellowed by the purity and quality of the olives. It has a strong color of green with a hint of gold accent and an exquisite taste worth trying.  The harvest starts early when the olives are unripe, small and green. Unripe olives are the reason our oil is low in acidity, and at the same time rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. The high nutritional ingredients of our olive oil strengthen the immune system of our body and help us to function better.

During the 2020 edition, more then 5000 EVOOs have participated from more then 24 countries, with 70 testers comparing EVOOs from 438 companies all over the world. During the years, the competition gathered reputation and appreciation amongst members of the worldwide and Israeli EVOO industry. Nowadays TerraOlivo is considered to be one of the 3 most important & influential competitions worldwide.

Olix Oil International is a leading company that is producing and marketing the finest Greek Extra Virgin olive oils, as well as other premium quality food products, all over the world, using the most modern methods of control in all the stages of production. All our products that carry our signature combine harmoniously three important features: great flavor, excellent quality, rich variety

For more information on our products, please contact Mr. Prodromos Saliagas, General Administrator at: psal@olixoil.com   

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