Our natural pomegranate juice does not come from concentrated juice, as it is 100% natural and taken from fresh, clean, mature and healthy pomegranates. The product does not contain added sugar or color or preservatives and does not contain any pathogenic microorganism as it is pasteurized. Free from fungi, insects and diseases. Enjoy our great organic juice any time of the day by stimulating your body and giving yourself health, energy and wellness!


Country of origin EU, GREECE
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This product is Pasteurized, organic and not genetically modified
Ingredients Pomegranate (Wonderful)
Additives No additives or conservatives
Process Preparation, processing, packaging and delivering, according to the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP)
Physical Properties
Smell & taste Characteristic and pleasant pomegranate odour and taste
Colour & appearance Product with uniform dark red colour (characteristic of the followed thermoforming process) as far as the transparent and splashy juice is concerned, without discrete separation. As the time passes possible discolouration may occur.
Net content 200 ml
Container Glass bottle
Kind of packaging Carton board with plastic cover
Shelf life
Storage conditions Storage in clean, dry and ventilated spaces, away from direct sunlight
Shelf life 18 months when stored in room temperature (+25° C), 24 months when stored in chilled temperature (+4° C) counting from the production date ,after opening must be stored in refrigerator (+4° C) and consumed within 10 days.
Nutritional values (per 100ml)
Energy 228 Kj / 54 Kcal
Protein (g) 0.15
Fat (g) 0.1 | Saturated: <0.1
Carbohydrates (g) 13 | Sugars: 12
Dietary fiber (g) 0.1
Minerals (mg) Potassium (K): 214
Sodium (Na): 9
Vitamins (mg) Vitamin K:10
Folic acid: 24
Chemical properties
Total soluble solids (TSS) 14-16° Brix
pH 2.5-3.5
Acidity (% w/w, citric acid) 1.3-2.0
Microbiological properties
E coli (cfu/gm or ml) Absence
Total plate count (cfu/ml) <1000
Yeast (cfu/ml) <100
Mould (cfu/ml) <100
Acid tolerant bacteria SRC (cfu/ml) Absence
Allergens (present, absent, unknown, *possible cross contamination)
Dairy protein -
Lactose -
Egg -
Soya protein (-derivatives) -
Soya oil -
Gluten -
Wheat -
Rye -
Beef (-derivatives) -
Pork (-derivatives) -
Chicken (-derivatives) -
Fish -
Shellfish -
Corn/Maize (-derivatives) -
Cocoa -
Yeast -
Pulses -
Nuts (-derivatives) -
Nut oil -
Peanuts/Groundnuts (-derivatives) -
Peanut oil -
Sesame -
Sesame oil -
Glutamate (added E620-E625) -
Sulfite (E220-E228) -
Benzoic acid/Parabens (E210-E213) -
Azo-colours E102, E110, E122-E124, E128, E129, E151, E154, E155 -
Tartazine (E102) -
Cinnamon -
Vanillin -
Coriander -
Celery -
Umbelliferae -
Carrot -
Lupine -
Mustard -
Mollusces (-derivatives) -
Acceptable for:
Vegetarians Yes
Vegans Yes
Lacto-vegetarians Yes
Kosher certified Yes
Halal certified No
NOP certified No
Ecosocial No


100% NATURAL ORGANIC POMEGRANATE JUICEPcs per mini discMini disc per PalletPcs per pallet
200 g 20 154 3080

*upon request we have the ability for different packages and product specifications.